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Pioneer® Brand Products That Deliver Results

Since 1926, Pioneer has developed leading-edge traits and technologies for corn and soybeans to help farmers overcome local and regional growing challenges. Hillcrest Sales offers Pioneer® brand products for the best yield potential for your area’s geography and climate.




Nobody knows corn like Pioneer. We’re advancing corn breeding and genetics, building from 90 years of innovation.

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Pioneer delivers a wide range of soybean seed choices, from conventional soybeans to high-performing GMO options, that bring even more value to your operation.

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Pioneer brand alfalfa varieties are designed with top-quality forage in mind. Built with unrivaled agronomic packages to stand up against yield limiting pests and winter stress, the mix of traits delivers excellent forage yield and quality for your operation.

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Make the most of your forage crops with Pioneer brand inoculants. Designed to maximize forage performance, our crop-specific inoculants improve fermentation, aerobic stability and fiber digestibility.

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Expert agronomy information and best practices to help maximize your profit per acre.

Driven by Local Values 

We are dedicated to going above and beyond to serve our customers and help them succeed with honesty, integrity, and expertise.

Old-Fashioned Customer Service

As a family-run business in Mills County, Iowa, Hillcrest practices old-fashioned customer service — something that can be difficult to find these days. We pride ourselves on providing quick turnarounds and no wait times. Our approach is to “run, not walk” to get things done for you — even if it means dropping off that much-needed candy bar to get you through the day. It seems simple, but it’s a difference you’ll notice. 

Open and Honest Approach to Business

We’re your neighbors and part of your community. Our goal is not to see how much we can sell you. Rather, we partner with you to find the best possible solution that meets your specific situation. We deal honestly and fairly with our customers — as well as our employees, seed growers and sales team. We’re easy to do business with because our relationships and partnerships are built on trust. It’s the only way we know how to work.

Solutions Designed for Your Success

There are no cookie-cutter solutions from Hillcrest Sales. We understand that every farm has different circumstances, challenges, and goals. We work hard to understand those needs. Then we roll up our sleeves to build solutions designed to match genetics to your farm, building a plan that fits your unique logistics for planting and harvest. We’re known for delivering the best products on the market and bringing the most helpful advice so you can maximize profits.

Our Expert Services Help You Boost Yields

Hillcrest Sales understands the challenges you face. That’s why we’re dedicated to working as partners with you to maximize productivity and profitability — today and in the future, on every acre.

We offer the right mix of products, services, and the latest agronomic insights to address your individual needs. Combined with our multi-generational experience and detailed, on-the-farm data from Pioneer, we have everything it takes to help you assess, plan, and map your growing success.


  • Aerial Application
  • Biologicals
  • Crop Insurance
  • Crop Scouting
  • Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Mapping
  • Field Plans
  • Granular Digital Solutions
  • Seed Delivery
  • Seed Treatment
  • Soil Sampling
  • TruChoice® Financing
  • Yield Mapping
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I start and end my season at Hillcrest Sales. Superior products and unmatched support are what keep me coming to Ryan and the team at Hillcrest Sales year after year.

Matt Biermann

It's a win-win for my operation to work with Hillcrest Sales in Malvern. Not only do I get the best products in the industry with Pioneer, but I get the service and relationship from a trusted partner in Hillcrest Sales.

Jay Williams

  • Matt Biermann
  • Jay Williams

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